How to Record a 

VR Simulation 

How to Record a VR Simulation

MAY 16,2024

This guide will walk you through how to record a VR simulation using a Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro Headset. 

Step 1: Click "Camera" inside VR Headset

On the main menu, you will see a pink app on your universal menu bar that says "Camera." Click on Camera and you will see an option to record a video. 

Step 2: Select "Record Video" 

Once you have selected "Record Video" you may begin to perform in your VR simulation. Ensure you share your mic audio before selecting record if you wish to share your voice during the video. 

Step 3: Stop Recording

Once you are finished recording, you can stop your recording by going back to your "Camera" app within your headset and select "Stop Recording." You can quickly stop recording by clicking the oculus button on your right control and select the stop icon shown on your menu screen that populates. The video will save into the "Camera" app. 

Step 4: Transfer Video to Preferred Device

Transfer to your Meta Quest App: Sign into your Meta account inside the Meta Quest app. Inside your headset, you may sync your video inside the Camera app. Once it is synced, you will have the video available on your phone. 

Transfer to your PC: You can transfer your video to your PC by using a USB-C cable to manually connect and follow the prompts on your PC to save the video. 

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