Courseta VR

Nursing Simulation with Virtual Reality (VR)

Courseta VR is a Tactile VR product to provide nursing students with interactive hands-on experience in virtual reality environments. Courseta VR was created by nursing educators for students to improve their clinical decision making and improve the ability to track clinical progression for instructors. 

Why Courseta VR?  

Artificial Intelligent Patients 
Our patient's understand you. No more prompts or drop down menus to ask your patient a question. Just simply talk! You can have complete conversations with our patients that are even non-pertinent to the case.  
Artificial Patho
To gain REAL experience, you must train in REAL circumstances. Our simulations have hundreds of endings and it is completely dependent on your actions as the user. Play the RN role and learn through experience to optimize your preparedness while still in school or residency. 
Dynamic & Unpredictable Case Scenarios 
Our Case Scenario simulations are free-world play. The nursing student will be tested along true-life unpredictablity that you experience as an RN at the bedside. Our simulations will additionally allow students to see their mistakes and learn from them in a safe educational environment. 
Instructor Tools
Our platform was not made JUST for students. It was also made by instructors for instructors. Instructors have a dashboard that provides numerous tools including: 
  • Student Performance Analytics 
  • Automated Grading (No Instructor Attention Required)
  • VR Multiplayer Simulations (Spectate, Demonstrate, Moderate) 
  • Simulation Playback, Recording, and Live Casting

A Quick Look at our Simulations 

Simulations created for experiential RN learning and clinical practice. Our curriculum is validated by nursing educators across the United States. 



Automated Grading
No oversight needed. Our system watches and grades for you. 


Rubric Review
Review the rubric and simulation interventions in one graded document.


Simulation Playback
Have the option to watch the simulation video of your students.


Detailed Analytics
View your Student's Progress across all of their submitted simulations. 

Simulation Features


 Courseta VR patients are programmed with the most up-to-date artificial intelligence. Experience deep dialogue and realistic communication just like how you interact with real patients.


Patient care is unpredictable and dependent on how safe you are as a nurse. Our simulations allow you to gain the experience needed by showing you the difference between safe care and medical errors. Your patient outcomes are dependent on your knowledge and skills within the simulation. 


 No longer any clicking or typing questions. Simply talk as you do with your real patients. Our patients interact by voice and will additionally follow pertinent commands that you ask. 


 Hands on practice for common nursing skills such as taking vital signs, medication administration, IV insertion, Foley catheter insertion, and more.

Application Features

Mobile Access

No wires needed. Courseta VR is compatible with the Meta Quest 2, which can be taken home and accessed from any location with internet. Application also to be available on computer and mobile phone.

Automated Grading System

No oversight needed. Built for instructors to aide in precepting and grading which is all automatically done by our simulation system. Be on the lookout for a graded simulation rubric created for your curriculum once the student submits their simulation. 

Multiplayer Simulations 

Meet with your students live with three role options: Spectator, Demonstrator, or Moderator (Play as the patient). Meetings can be held from any location with internet. 

LMS for Simulation Curriculum

Attach and organize supplemental materials within the instructor dashboard. Free ability to organize simulation library to match curriculum timelines. 

Simulation Playback & Recording

Each submitted simulation performed by your student is recorded for instructor review. Instructors have the ability to record themselves for later view or project live feed from the headset onto a common screen for live demonstration to larger classes. 

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Our Simulation Library 

Assessment Modules
  • Interactive Health Assessment Simulations
  • AI Patients allowing unlimited subjective assessment capabilities 
  • Identify abnormalitities independently 
  • Focused Hands-on Assessment skills
  • No drop-down menus  or typing. All voice commands. 
  • Includes  7 graded simulations with advanced focus on each body system. 

Skills Lab
  • Perform Nursing skills with AI patients 
  • Detailed guidance and instruction
  • Includes graded simulations for improved clinical skill testing
  • Includes clinical decision making scenarios on various skills assigned. 

Case Scenarios
  • Advanced Case Scenarios allowing user to assess, diagnose, plan, and perform interventions 
  • Dynamic and unpredictable experience with hundreds of potential endings dependent on student performance
  • Advanced AI characters including patients, family members, and doctors to interact with user
  • Allows complete RN roleplay and experience in numerous nursing settings: ICU, Med-Surg, OB, Peds, and Public Health.
  • Focused on providing the student with clinical decision making challenges to strengthen critical thinking 
  • Highlight Case Scenarios include: Sepsis, Code Stroke, Respiratory failure/RSI, & Critical Care IV titration. 

We make it easy to get started! 

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Purchase the licenses needed per your enrollment and provide advanced hands-on clinical experience to your nursing students. 

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What Equipment Do We Need to Pilot the Application? 

You will need to have a Meta Quest 2 VR headset in order to pilot our VR simulations. Don't have a headset? No problem! Our team member can coordinate shipping you a headset just so you can try it out for yourself!  

How do you Charge? 

We provide two options to earn access to our VR training application. Our two options include annual subscriptions or one-time lifetime access purchase. Book a meeting with one of our team members to get specific costs to your unique program. 

Does it cost money to pilot the application?

No, it does not! We allow free piloting for 30 days. You can additionally request piloting extensions if needed. 

How do we get Started? 

To get started, please book a meeting with one of our members to learn more about the platform and get you started with piloting the application for free. 

Do you need VR headsets to access the simulations?

Currently, Yes. However, Courseta VR will be available on the PC from any location by Winter of 2023. 

Do you offer Custom Simulations? 

Yes, we can make any simulation scenario you would like. Book a meeting with one of our team members to discuss the project and get a custom quote. 

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