Dynamic AI Characters inside Nursing Simulations

Dynamic AI Characters inside Nursing Simulations 

JULY 9,2024

In this article, we will review how dynamic AI characters are innovating the nursing simulation space and how it could impact traditional simulation standards. 

Understanding Dynamic AI Characters

Dynamic AI characters are the most advanced and intelligent AI models that can respond to the users prompts in real-time and change the dynamic of the conversation. Before we dive deep into the innovations of Dynamic AI characters, we must define how they are different than scripted characters and scripted AI characters. 

Scripted Characters

  • Pre-Determined Communication & Questions 
  • No Ability to Adapt Conversation 
  • Static Behavior and Character Idling 
  • Non-responsive to user communication 
  • Limits independence of user communication to pre-determined questions 

Scripted AI Characters

  • Pre-Determined Responses 
  • Allows basic interactivity by user 
  • Strict responsiveness set within parameters 
  • Linear Dialogue

Dynamic AI Characters

  • Free communication to ask questions 
  • Behavior changes in response to users performance
  • Emotional intelligence and responses
  • Knowledge Collection 
  • Variable Dialogue based on personalities of character

Vocal Commands

With dynamic AI characters, the user can now simply use their voice to command instructions. Even complex instructions can be understood by these advanced models. No more any clicking, drop-down menus, or texting in order to interact with a character. You simply talk like you do with real humans. 

Unlimited Dialogue

Dynamic AI characters have unlimited dialogue and can answer any question that is thrown their way. You no longer have to use a menu to communicate or talk like a robot for them to understand. This allows nursing students to build their skills in communication such as building rapport and using therapeutic communication. 

Emotional Responses

These characters now have emotional intelligence and can change the dynamic of the conversation with emotion stemmed from the user. The communication now matters and is variable like it is with real humans. Thus, giving the student realistic learning from their actions in real time. 

Obtains Knowledge

Dynamic AI characters are capable of learning, educating, comprehending, and memorizing communications with a user. Thus, making the communication more realistic with the ability to analyze situations given to them. 

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