• Why Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining more attention for Nursing Education

    Virtual reality nursing simulations have gained popularity in nursing schools due to recent advancements in technology, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities. In the past, VR struggled to meet nursing education standards, often leaving students frustrated. However, today's VR simulations are capable of replicating human-like communication and interactions, creating a more immersive and realistic learning experience. Unlike traditional mannequins, which are limited in their ability to mimic human responses and emotions, VR simulations offer a dynamic and adaptable platform that can challenge students with a wide range of clinical scenarios, from routine care to critical emergencies. This contrast highlights the limitations of mannequins as poor stand-ins for humans, while underscoring the newfound effectiveness of VR in providing nursing students with a lifelike and invaluable learning experience. In this article, we will further explore additional reasons why nursing schools are starting to become more welcoming to the technology:
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